Argan Oil Tree

Argan Oil Tree trades cosmetic Argan Oil 100% pure, cold pressed and Organic, Rhassoul clay and hammam spa products. Discover our high quality of pure Argan oil at an affordable prices. We deliver in UK and Worldwide. Moroccan argan oil from the Argan tree called as well Argania spinosa is a beauty Warranty and clinically verified product for all skin and hair types: all natural, organic and no chemical added. Discover the benefits of Argan oil tree. Also find out about our traditional Moroccan Hamman Spa products to use at home in your bathroom: rhassoul clay (rasul clay), beldi black soap, hammam glove (kessa glove)... And our a lovely range of Moroccan leather pouf, Berber leather slippers and Moroccan bags. All products are handmade.
Face masks recipes

How to make face masks

How to make face masks? There is so many natural products in the market to make a suitable face mask adapted to your skin needs. The one that we will propose to you in this site is Rhassoul clay, also called Rasul clay or Ghassoul clay which means ”wash” in Arabic. The clay comes form […]