Traditional Moroccan black soap - Beldi black soap. Hammam soap - savon noir
Moroccan sotf black soapMoroccan gommage. Savon noir

Moroccan Black Soap


Moroccan Black Soap, hammam black soap use for bath and hammam. Also known as beldi black soap.

Product Description

Moroccan black soap with eucalyptus essential oil

Used for centuries as part of a beauty therapy for the face and body, this black soap from Morocco prepared with eucalyptus essential oil is part of the traditional hammam ritual. It is the first treatment in oriental public bath. Prepared with the texture of butter, based on the goodness of black olives, this natural vegetable paste based  is rich in vitamin E.

Our unique blend is obtained from a mixture of Eucalyptus essential oil and crushed olives, soaked in salt and potash. In the nineteenth century it was used as a product of Dermatology and later became a real beauty tool for the body and is suitable for every type of skin. This is a 100% natural product.

When used as part of the bathing process, it prepares the skin for exfoliation. After use, the skin will be softer and ready for a scrub – traditionally with the action of a Kessa Glove – it will remove the impurities and dead skin from your body leaving you fresh and cleaned.

Thanks to its exfoliating and moisturizing properties, it softens and nourishes the skin. The Hammam Black Soap does not foam but becomes creamy when you add water. You do not need to use much so each pot will last well.

Argan Oil Tree’s exclusive soap is uniquely blended and offers a delicate scent infused with eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus helps relax the body and adds some antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the soap. We firmly believe you will not find a finer example.

Part of the traditional beauty process

Part of the traditional beauty process

Properties and benefits of Traditional Moroccan Black soap

Removes dead skin (the rough and dry outer surface). Deep cleans the skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells, making your skin softer. The exfoliation effect increases the blood flow and your lymph circulation. With its anti-microbial proprieties this black soap is rich in vitamin E. Highly advised to relieve an itchy back caused by an excess of dead skin and clogged pores. Ideal for reducing in-growing hair.

After the ‘gommage‘ with the Kessa Glove, your skin is ready to better absorb your next skin care treatment – mask, moisturising or tanning.

The authentic second oriental treatment after the soap scrub is the Rhassoul clay mask (also known as a Rasul clay mask) and then for finishing, Moroccan women moisturize their body with Argan oil.

Life in a traditional hammam

The art of the hammam (steam bath/bathhouse) is an ancient and integral part of Moroccan life as water, which is considered sacred, and cleanliness, are essential elements of Islam. In a part of the world where family and community are everything, the hammam is deeply rooted in everyday communal life. This is where people go to socialise, gossip, make connections, do business and even arrange marriages.

Your best beauty products

When you use the full range of beauty products available from Argan Oil Tree’s website, you will get the full Hammam experience and benefit from centuries of experience. The beauty regime used has been the envy of the world and is now brought to you to enjoy in your own home.